Monday, November 17, 2008

Patricia Crandal Talks About Writing a Mystery

Today's question for Patricia: What are you writing now?

I am currently working on several mysterycrime
stories, a series of contemporary and
family short fiction and novels. I put aside
whatever free time I have for writing.
My feelings as a poet have affected my role
as a mother by allowing me to capture in
poetry the formative years of my children.
These poems are snapshots in words.
Whenever I read them, I see my children as
they were during that moment in time.
I like to write mysteries because I like to read
mystery stories. It all began with the Nancy
Drew series by Carolyn Keene when I was a
pre-teen in the 1950s. Each holiday, I would
request the latest Nancy Drew title and upon
receiving it, I would curl-up in an oversized
chair and begin reading the fast-paced
adventure. Prior to that time, I was hooked
on the Bobbsey Twins.

My first effort at writing a mystery story
detailed a long, frightening chase by a
sinister man. A dark tunnel appeared, leading
to (of course) a haunted mansion. The notso-
brilliant ending had me saved by the man
of my life at the time - my father.


  1. It was so funny to read your pull into the Nancy Drew and the Bobbsey Twin books. As a youngster I eagerly waited for new books to come out.

  2. I discovered Nancy Drew when I was 10, and my much older cousin gave me copies of the original books. It was love at first read. Then I met the Hardy Boys and Bobbsey Twins. I was hooked on mysteries forever.

    Now I do my best to write them.


  3. Nancy Drew, great memories. But, what I want to know is, are you going to publish that first mystery you worked on? Sounds like a good mid grade mystery.

    Joy aka Zebee, or is it the other way around?

  4. Vivian, I love mysteries, thanks to reading ND and BTwins years ago. In fact, I am rereading the ND series. I would like to check out one of your mysteries. Suggest?
    I just published my thriller, The Dog Men and I am pleased with it. Happy Thanksgiving. Pat Crandall

  5. Zebee, I have just published The Dog Men, a thriller which I am pleased with. I guess I am more thriller than mystery. I expect to publish several thriller short stories, Black Ice (it scares me), The Bogus Man (mixed thrills and humor/romance)and several others. Although, I am rewriting an Agatha Christie type which looks promising. Pat Crandall

  6. Lea, I am always interested in the types of books other authors write. What type do you write? Pat Crandall