Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bubba and Giganto: Against the Odds -- Review

Exciting soccer games, a special friendship, and a hint of mystery make Bubba and Giganto: Against the Odds a book that will win the hearts of middle-grade boys and girls. Bubba, a veteran of moves to new schools uses his skills as a soccer player to fit in to his new environment. He forms a friendship with Giganto, an over weight, shy boy who also has aspirations to play soccer. Some team members bully Giganto in an effort to keep him off the team. The mystery of why they are so down on him and the tactics Bubba uses to support his friend keep the reader turning the pages.

Lea Schizas, the author, has captured the world of high school athletes with believable characters and fast paced action scenes on the soccer field. The book is a good read, but in addition gives a profound look at the problem of bullying in schools. Many students are faced with the choice of whether to support the bully, stand up to him, or ignore the problem. Bubba is a role model for how to fight the bully, not with your fists, but with your brains, and most important how to support your friend.

Bubba and Giganto: would be an excellent choice for a class discussion in grades 6 – 8 on how to deal with bullying. The book is available from Amazon. More information is available on the author's blog:


  1. Thank you so much, Nancy, for a wonderful review. I'm posting an excerpt and link back here for the full review.

    I've now began book two to continue their saga and introducing a new dilemma.

  2. Nice review. Now I'm interested in buying the book!

  3. Katie,if you know anyone that has a boy, it's a very poignant tale about friendship, bullying, and how to overcome without a fistfight.

    I used experiences from my children to authenticate the characters and situations. I'm glad the reviews are coming in positive. There's a great lesson in there.

  4. Another great review for Bubba and Giganto...looking forward to reading it!

    Donna McDine

  5. Bubba & Giganto should be required reading for every child. Bullying is such a problem in schools, and this book addresses the problem very well.

    I'm honored that our company published it.

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