Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dogmen by Patricia Crandall

Today Patricia gives us a taste of her novel. Sounds like a great read.

The Dog Men

Ten-year-old Wyatt and eleven-year-old Hannah uncover the dark world of

illegal dogfights when they trespass at a Vermont farm and peep through a

barn window. And when crotchety old Lester Cranshaw's dog, Paddy, turns

up missing, there is no holding him back from investigating the situation and

the kids join in. In the dead of night after the trio are captured and held

hostage at the Inglis farm, Wyatt will need all of his wits and courage to

escape In order to save the lives of his Friends. THE DOG MEN draws the

reader into a tempest of animal abuse, lawlessness, and kidnapping within

the confines of small-town happenings. A Chilling plot and a peerless

relationship between kids, adults and pets.

The Dog Men by Patricia Crandall

Book Information:

Publisher: Publish America

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  1. This sounds like a very interesting story. I find dog fighting appalling. I am sure children will too.


  2. What an exciting plot. This book should be popular because lots of animal lovers will care about the plot.

  3. Not sure why but whenever I read 'goes missing' I have a desire to buy the book to see what happens.

  4. Animal lovers will love this book by the sounds of it.


  5. I for one want to read this book, if my boss Joy will read it to me. I want to see what happens to those brave kids trying to help the animals.

    Zebee, sshhh! don't tell Joy!

  6. Looks like an interesting book especially in light of the Michael Vick conviction on illegal dog fighting - what a terrible sport! glad someone is shining a light on this!