Friday, June 12, 2009

A Road Trip into The Past

Ken Mansfield, his wife, Connie, and Moses, his van, take a road trip into the past. Ken had an amazing career full of highs and lows. Retracing his steps in a road trip into the past made him think about the people he knew and some of the highlights and disasters of his life. I found the description of selling and producing records very informative. The stories he had to tell about being on the road with the stars were worth the price of admission.

The deeper element to the story is that at a certain point many of us ask why are we here, and more importantly who are we? Ken has found a deep relationship with his God. He was looking for that same relationship with himself. His talks with God were very illuminating. Believing that God is showing him the way wasn't the total answer, he still had to come to terms with who he is. I found it fascinating that visiting all the places of the past didn't do the trick until he realized that they were past. The future is the only thing we can change and going into it having shucked off the highs and lows of our past makes it a much more accessible adventure. It allowed Ken at the end to become a whole person.

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