Thursday, June 4, 2009

Meet Angelina Jellybean by Crystalee Calderwood

Angelina wants to eat nothing but jellybeans. Year round, from Easter to Christmas, she asks for her favorite treat. But a strange even teaches Angelina that there's such a thing as too much of a good thing.

With colorful, delightful illustrations by Stephen Macquignon, Angelina is sure to win over hearts of young picky eaters everywhere.

Where to buy:

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  1. This looks like a cute book for little girls!

  2. What a darling book cover! Best wishes for lots of kiddies to receive this book. :)

    The Old Silly from Free Spirit Blog

  3. Thanks, everyone. The book can be purchased at or at

  4. I have a few copies, myself, that will go out as Christmas presents.

    It's a delightful book.

  5. This book is on my list for Christmas for my granddaughter.

    Congratulations on a book that wee ones are sure to enjoy.


  6. Thanks everyone for visiting today. Crystalee, I very much enjoyed hosting you. The book looks great. I have two granddaughters who will enjoy it.

  7. I never tire of viewing the book cover of Meet Angelina Jellybean. Certainly makes me want to climb right in.

    Donna M. McDine
    Children’s Author
    Write What Inspires You Blog
    Donna M. McDine’s Website

  8. I love jellybeans and I love this book.

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