Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Jesse Tree: A Christmas Tradition for Your Family

Written by ten-year-old Theresa Seidltz, Countdown to Christmas tells the story of her family's Christmas tradition. Each night from the first of December, the family sings, Come of Come Emmanuel, reads a Bible story, and hangs an ornament on their small tree. The ornaments bear the likeness of the person the story is about. As the family progresses through the Bible from Adam and Eve, to Abraham and Sarah, Saul and David, and Jesus, the tree becomes adorned with the people who helped shape Judaism and Christianity.

The stories in the book are short, each being one page. They're suitable for an adult to read to younger children, but older children could read them for themselves or read them aloud to younger brothers and sisters. Each story is accompanied by a drawing introducing the characters. At the end of the book, the family places the final ornament for Jesus and sings Silent Night. The paper ornaments are included in the book and could be used for many years.

I highly recommend this book. It's a good way for families to be together to enjoy the religious aspects of the Christmas season. It's also a good time for parents and children to talk about the Bible stories and what they mean in their own lives.

I received this book from PR by the Book for a review.

The book is available from Amazon,com

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