Sunday, October 11, 2009

MA of YA does it made a differenct?

parents and their children reading the bible

I'm not sure an age distinction on novels makes a great deal of sense. Yes, I suppose it's important to let parents and teachers know that the reading level is appropriate and there is no grossly inappropriate content. However, I find that adults are as drawn to good YA and MA novels as kids. I also know from my own experience that reading adult novels is not limited to those over the age of twenty-one. I read War and Peace and Anna Karenina when I was ten. I'm not sure I understood all the emotion, but I loved the descriptions and the language.

In summary, I guess it's important to have categories, but they shouldn't constrain people from their interests. That includes adults as well as children!

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  1. As I stated in Elysabeth's blog: Reading level is more important than what age reader the author wants to reach.