Monday, August 3, 2009

Spider in the Mailbox by Linda Asato

Linda Asato has written a delightful children's book, Spider in the Mailbox.

Here's what one reviewer had to say about it:

Children love stories about family, animals, and other creatures, especially when they can learn things at the same time. Linda Asato tells the tale of a little girl who checks the mail every day – allowing children to learn the days of the week, and sees a spider in the mailbox (number one). The second day, she sees two crows (number two). Each day the types and number of creatures changes, but the spider remains. Each day, the girl runs to tell her busy mother what she saw.

Lessons to learn are counting to seven and the days of the week, learned in a fun way.

Ryan Shaw brings Asato’s delightful story to life with his bright illustrations.

Spider in Our Mailbox

by Linda Asato

illustrated by Ryan Shaw

published by 4RV Publishing

released May 2009

ISBN-13: 978-0-981


  1. My kids love to make up stories about animals as they move throughout their day. I think listening to kids and their imaginations can inspire some awesome childrens books.

    Stephen Tremp

  2. For some reason, my daughter likes spiders. She'd have loved this book when she was smaller!

  3. I've read Spider, of course rather hard to accept it and publish it without reading it, and I think it's an adorable book for children.

    Linda wrote an entertaining, but educational, book, and Ryan Shaw brought it to life with his illustrations.

  4. It's always wonderful when story telling can incorporate learning along with it.

    My grandson love all kinds of bugs also.

    Karen Cioffi

  5. Thanks for this adorable book Linda.

  6. Terrific review. Best wishes for your continued success. So love the title!

    Donna M. McDine
    Marketing Manager, SFC Magazine
    SFC: Families Matter Blog
    SFC Magazine Website

  7. Oh, the title of the book is Title in Our Mailbox.

  8. I think spiders are cute! All creepy creatures can be cute actually, it depends on how ones thinks of them!(Not that I would like to have them visiting me!) Great work Linda!

    Thanks, Nancy!

  9. Thanks to everyone for visiting. Continued success, Linda!