Monday, April 27, 2009

Make a Choice: Read the Noticer and Change your Life

The Noticer is a small book filled with hope. Who can't recognize themselves at one time or another in the people helped by Jones. The story that I found most relevant was the one about the lovers. Unable to perceive the loved expressed by the other because of different communication styles, each felt abandoned and abused. Too often people grow angry and apart because of the way they perceive and misperceive the communications of others. It's a truism that we see what we expect to see, but if we can step outside the circles that enclose us, our perspective changes. What a great gift to help someone reorient his view of the world to move beyond anger, worry, or a feeling of uselessness.

In the character of Jones, Andy Andrews has given us all a great gift. Although none of us may be lucky enough to find Jones standing beside us in our dark hours, we have this elegant little book. Rereading the chapter that describes our anguish can open our eyes to the beauty of life. Life is a great gift; not one to be lightly tossed away. Today is the perfect day to notice someone important to your life and to become important to someone else by lending a helping hand: the way Jones would.

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