Saturday, December 27, 2008

Watching a Strange Urban Subculture

The Unseen by T.L. Hines

Have you ever felt someone was watching you. How about the tiny hole in the ceiling that glitters when you look at it? It may be Lucas, or a member of the Creep Club.

Lucas is a very sympathetic character. A loner, he lives vicariously watching people in offices. His thoughts and style of life pull you in almost against your will. It's like visiting a foreign country where the fascinating rituals are not part of your daily life.

I enjoyed the first chapters of the book, being a watcher, myself, in Lucas' unusual world. Then the scene changes. He becomes involved with other watchers, the Creep Club, but these are more sinister. Lucas hopes for a connection with the person watched. The Creep Club members watch in private homes and violence appeals to them. Lucas abhors the delight his fellow watchers feel in getting violence on camera. He wants to help the people not exploit their suffering for “art”.

The end of the book is a typical thriller chase scene with Lucas always one step ahead of annihilation pursued by spies, the police, the CIA and other strange agencies. I felt the book lost something at this point. The chase scene seemed almost disconnected from the first half of the book.

For those who enjoy thrillers, this is a good read. It's a fascinating view of an urban subculture that will have you wondering about the sounds in the walls.

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  1. Hi, Nancy - Thanks for reading and reviewing; it was fun to write about a real subculture (urban explorers) taken to an extreme.